How To Ask A Guy Out

Traditionally, men are usually the ones who ask women out on a date. However, the 21st century has witnessed a reversal of roles in this sector, as women are now asking men out, much to the advantage of the men in question. However, unlike men who always have the courage to ask women out, women need to take the following steps if they are to confidently and successfully ask a guy out.

  1. Prepare adequately. Preparation is the most crucial step in asking a guy out. You need to start preparing early in advance, so that you can consider all the factors that will make it easy for you to ask your crush out. Flirt with him by sending signals that will prepare him psychologically, and that will give him a hint of what you are preparing to do. Having a date in mid will add color to the already good package.
  2. Choose an appropriate venue. The venue will also matter. It is advisable to choose a casual and relaxing venue so that you can make your request.
  3. Be at your best when you go to meet him. Having chosen the venue, what follows is the actual day of asking him out. On this day, be in your best outfit: the outfit that brings the best out of you. This will boost your confidence.
  4. Just pop the question confidently. When time comes to ask the question, just ask: don’t hesitate. Be calm and ask him out in a simple sentence. You can just ask him, “Are you busy this afternoon?”
  5. Accept the answer gracefully. If the answer is “yes”, your mission is accomplished. If it is “No”, just smile and be confident that his will accept it one day.

Men like it when women ask them out because they no longer have to do it themselves. However, asking a guy out could be a bit tricky for women. However, with the right mindset, one can make it, whether it is through a phone call, a text message or a written request.

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Steps on How to Lose Body Fat

Steps on How to Lose Body Fat- If You Want to Get a Beautiful Appearance

Control your diet

The best way to lose body fat is to reduce consumption of food with a lot of fat and replace it with food rich in protein. You should also add more fruits and vegetables into your diet for increasing your metabolism rate as it offers a large number of fat loss benefits.

Small portions of meal

You need to divide your meal into five to six meals instead of three meals a day. The reason for this is because smaller portions of meals can be digested easily and the food will be transformed into energy.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals can force your body to slow its metabolism rate as it is an attempt to conserve energy when your body has limited level of fats and fuels. Hence it is very important to eat your meals at the right time if you want to increase the metabolism rate of your body.

Focus on your metabolic efficiency

The efficiency of the metabolism rather than its speed makes your overweight. This metabolic efficiency is a measure of how efficiently your body uses the food that you eat for carrying out the processes. If you want to enhance the metabolic efficiency, you will need to add more plant based food in your everyday diet as it contains nutrient content that is required by your body for its daily operation.

Cut fried foods

If you want to lose body fat then you will need to avoid fried food and complement it with proper exercise. Fried foods are considered as the most common cause of gaining body fat and hence it should be avoided completely.

Cut down sugar content

Sugar is known to boost insulin levels in your body and therefore it is very important to down sugar consumption if you want to get rid of body fat.

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How to Ask a Girl Out?

Going Out With The Drama Queen

We all love to have someone we can spend time with especially one of the opposite sex. Beautiful girls are in the street, and many men wish they can take them out. Most of the men fear being rejected, and hence they end up not even trying. Here are the steps on how to ask a girl out and I am sure you will be successful.

1. Gauge her interest and know whether she takes any interest in you whenever you are around. See also whether she makes any eye contact or even smile at you. Any girl interested in you can at least have somebody language indicators.

2. Get to know her once you notice she is interested. Always try to look out for any opportunity for even the small talk with her. Whenever you get that chance, utilize it well but ensure you are not a nuisance. Pay attention to what she likes or dislikes. Keep interacting with the girl as much as you can.

3. Now that you have known her, the next step is to pop the question and ask her out. As you prepare to ask her out, put this into consideration. This final step can be broken into some small steps as follows:

  • Ensure you not only look smart but you also smell nice. It gives you that extra confidence to approach her.
  • Approach the lady you have some interest in and ensure she is alone when you are ready to ask the question.
  • Be yourself; keep the tone casual and fun not to make the thing look so big. You are most likely not the first guy to approach her and probably not the last.
  • At the right time when at ease with her, ask her for an outing. You should have a place in mind where you will suggest for going out. Let it be somewhere you both love. As you pop the question, be confident and be prepared for any answer. She might accept, reject or probably suggest another day for going out.

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How to Lose a Guy Within 10 Days

The Easiest Steps To Kiss Goodbye That Boring Guy To Loneliness

Sometimes women get stressed up on how to lose a guy, some want to do it directly and others indirectly and for that reason here are some steps on how to completely lose a boring guy or just some sure ways on how to eliminate that sucking guy:

Avoid words like “I love you,please and thank you”.

If for example he buys you some expensive presents do not appreciate,just take it and look at it and divert the conversation to other topic even if he buys you a jet,or when a man says to you “I love you” do not dare say I love you too,just say “okey”

Have excuses and do not apologize.

When you do something wrong to him do not in any way apologize to him,words like sorry should not exist if you really want to lose him,also have an excuse to everything .

Making him unstable daily.

The only way for you to make him unstable is to try to pick some small fights whenever you are together and make him to be the cause of the fights,remind him of his past mistakes through those fights and end up making the cause of every fight you have.

Avoid his emails,phone calls and short messages like a plaque.

Periodically try to avoid any contact with him and do not always call him and ask his whereabouts,and most important is when you meet do not explain why did not reply to his emails and why you didn’t pick his calls,just stay as if he didn’t even call you.

Flirt with other men in his presence.

When you are out together do not give him any attention,just have fun with other people In front of him,ensure that you do not have time for him.

Embarrass him on public.

Make sure that you tell him how badly he has dressed in front of his friends,demand things that he doesn’t have at the moment when you are in public places,just be vocal about things that you dislike about him .

If you follow this steps be sure to rid him before ten days elapses.

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How to Get Rid of Acne?

Simple Steps To Get Rid of Acne Fast

Acne is a common skin disease. Glands under the skin produce sebum which is carried through the hair follicles to the pores on the surface of the skin. This sebum carries dead skin cells and so when they arrive at the pores they can cause these small holes to be blocked. When the oil gets blocked in the pores it creates what we call a pimple. The pores become infected with bacteria, inflame and produce pimples. If this happens multiple times on one part of your face it produces acne. Here are three medically proven ways on how to get rid of acne


This is an option that works well if the scars are fresh and if they are on the top layers of skin. One is given an anesthesia, and then the first several layers of skin are removed. This allows the new layers of skin to show through that don’t show the scars. This procedure could be repeated many times to get the desired results.


This involves a needle being placed into the skin several inches deep. It is then moved sideways for a period of time so that the scar area of skin can be removed from the other layers of the dermis. The scar will then be moved upwards, and that is when it can successfully be removed.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is now offered to get rid of scars. Lasers are very precise, and they seem to get results in less time than many other procedures. If you have a type of acne scarring called Keloid, then you may need to work with your doctor. The use of a steroid based cream or injections may be necessary as this type of scarring can be very difficult to remove via other means.


Take your time to explore the many options if you want to get rid of acne scars. Schedule several consultations with professionals to see that they can offer you. Find out what experience they have and what procedures they use. Ask about their equipment, the results you can anticipate, and any risks involved with the procedure.

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