8 Inspiring Advices Coming From Your Childhood’s Favorite Cartoon Characters


Rafiki (The Lion King)


“Leave your past life behind, but don’t run away from it”

You have to learn from the mistakes you’ve done in the past. Running away will only intensify your connection with it.


Winnie The Pooh


“It’s Ok to be Different”

We are defined by our differences. They make up our personality and individuality. And there’s nothing bad about being different. More than that, it’s what makes you be YOU!


As you can see, apparently, there’s nothing bad in watching cartoons because their characters do teach us something good about this life. And if there’s anything you should do this night at home while alone and bored, it is indulge in an episode of your childhood’s favorite cartoon movie. Now, you will definitely look at it with different eyes, and your beloved cartoon characters won’t seem that naïve and childish anymore.