Cheating Wife Confesses “My Husband Doesn’t Satisfy Me Sexually.”


35-year-old Jenny Grande recalls how marrying the right guy was her ultimate goal during high school and college. She envisioned a marriage life filled with love and the pleasures of romance. She pictured herself making love with her husband on their wedding night and a lot sensual and passionate romance on their honeymoon.

At the age 27, she would fulfill that dream and get married to Jake Grande. Jake was a decade older than her, but she loved the guy because he was a “gentleman.” And in the beginning, everything did seem like paradise to her. In the first two weeks after their wedding, Jake made her shiver from head to toes in each romantic evening.

“After every orgasm, we would cuddle up in each other’s arms to relish the feeling of heaven covering me all over,” she said.

But such fantasy is short-lived. Jenny recalls how things started going a month southwards after their wedding day. She cannot forget the slow, awkward, uncomfortable and almost ridiculous feeling of dissatisfaction. Jake started to lose his rhythm and energy on the bed and began to reject her urges entirely.

“It’s as though he’s not interested in sex anymore. I got the impression that he wasn’t even trying”, Jenny recalled.

Jenny still loves Jake in spite of the declining romantic performance. But something about the lack of intimacy made her feel incomplete deep inside. She would feel anxious and excited each night they go to bed, and she would try different things to turn Jake on, only to be frustrated in the end.

The thought of experiencing that mind blowing, bed shaking, leg pounding sex while screaming the good Lord’s name again haunted Jenny to no end. She wasn’t about to let it all end just like that and tried to revive her husband’s sexual vigor. She worked out to develop her body, dressed up in erotic clothing, and even tried to watch adult movies with him. Nothing worked and the more Jenny tried, the more she felt frustrated.

“There just wasn’t enough kissing, hugging, and orgasm.” She later claimed.

And after at least ten uneventful tries, she decided to call it quits.

That’s when Mike, Jenny’s friend, came into the scene. Months after having a poor sexual life, Jenny decided to meet with Mike and ask him for some advice. Since Mike was a bachelor, who goes on sleeping with as many girls as she like, He was able to give Jenny some advice. But this advice didn’t make much of a difference, and Jake remained inactive. Thus these meetings between close friends became more frequent. What Jenny didn’t expect, is how heated these meetings would become eventually.

“One day, I was inside Mike’s room talking about my worsening problem. I did not know if it was sexual frustration or emotional distress, but I suddenly pushed Mike on the bed and started kissing him. The next thing I know, we were undressing each other…” Jenny confessed.

“I would say that Mike knows his way with a woman because he made me feel alive again. The sex was so great I orgasmed three times. The last time I ever felt that way was during my wedding night with Jake.”

Jenny had found great sex again after losing the experience for quite some time and wanted more. In one of their sexual affairs, Jenny said she didn’t come home because Jake was out of town for a business meeting. She spent the night at Mike’s place and had sex with him all night long.

“I know that what I was doing was wrong, but I cannot stop the affair. I just missed the feeling of intense sexual energy, and Mike has been responding well to my sexual desires. Mike was so full of energy. He was “rock hard” in every step of the way.”

The affair would not last, and Mike would eventually found another woman to sleep with. It affected Jenny a little, but it also relieved that she will no longer be cheating with the guy. The prospect of going home and sleeping with Jake again, though, saddened her. Mike was a “sex machine, ” and Jake can’t even last more than 5 minutes with her in bed.

Before ending her affair with Mike, though, the latter would give her a parting gift that would solve her problem.

“When you confessed to me that Jake was performing poorly in bed, I was worried that the same thing might happen to me. So I did my research online and discovered something awesome.” He said.

“I was not sure if it would work so I decided to give it a try with you. And so far, I am happy with the results. I was able to give you the satisfaction you’ve been searching for. We made a lot of fireworks baby… and that’s why I’m giving this to you as a form of gratitude.”



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