Melissa McCarthy Looks Unrecognizable in the Trailer for Her Latest Film ‘The Boss’

For her latest role, Melissa McCarthy is going red.

The Oscar nominee has played a spy, a cop, a con, a bridesmaid and now, her sights are set on CEO. In a newly released trailer for the 45-year-old’s forthcoming film, The Boss, McCarthy stars as Michelle Darnell, a ruthless, flamboyant and wealthy business titan who gets what she wants and does what she wants.

Directed, co-produced and co-written by her husband of ten years, Ben Falcone, the plot takes an unexpected twist when Darnell is arrested for insider trading and sent to prison.

When she is finally released from shackles, Darnell embarks on a new mission to become America’s sweetheart, but much like the rest of McCarthy’s library of blockbuster hits, plans go awry and hilarity ensues when some people in her life refuse to just forgive and forget.

While the outlandish charades are typical of any McCarthy-Falcone dual project, we didn’t expect the A-list comedian to look nearly as unrecognizable in the original character she created.

Her cropped ginger coif, elaborate costumes and slim physique at first glance had us fooled, so our hats tip to the actress’ chameleon-like abilities to transform.

McCarthy got equally as much of a kick out of her new role, saying she misses the character now that filming is over.

“I miss Michelle Darnell and I miss those clothes. She is exactly the kind of woman I have always obsessed over with perfect nails that you know smells of an expensive perfume. Everything was like St John and cashmere and silk,” she revealed. “The clothing and the whole attitude of this woman is like—it’s the exact woman I would follow around a mall for the day.”

In addition to hubby Falcone calling the shots off-camera, McCarthy is set to act alongside a hysterical all-star cast including Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage, Kristen Schaal, Kathy Bates and Cecily Strong.

With names like these—and the fact that Will Ferrell has a producing credit—we’re destined to leave the theater with laugh-induced stomach cramps.



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